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FDA Questions Antibacterial Soap Claims

Federal regulators said  that antibacterial soap and body wash makers should have to prove their products are effective and safe within one year if they are to continue selling them … Continue reading

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How Has Milk Played a Role in Human Evolution?

It has been suggested that lactation evolved as the most advantageous way to provide nutrition when food was unavailable, despite inefficiencies associated with converting nutrients from food to reserves and … Continue reading

October 13, 2013 · 1 Comment

The Link Between Molecular Biology and Nutrition

Until recently, the study of human nutrition and molecular biology were considered to be mutually exclusive domains within the sciences. This is simply no longer the case. Today, these disciplines … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Science Spectacle: PhD Chronicles

The Science Spectacle is an intellectual source that helps to address the public about the science that shapes modern life and broad social issues. Whether there are articles about bioethics … Continue reading

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